WHY we eat may be more important than what we eat !


Feb 18, 2017 – 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Have you ever wondered why people who diet usually end up yo-yoing ?

Why do people who pay close attention to avoid foods they are sensitive to usually get more food allergies ?

Our psychology and emotions deeply affect our eating behavior as well as all of our organs' functioning; from blood pressure changes under stress to inflammation due to anxiety and so much more.

On February 18th Caspar Poyck, creator of Digestive Psychology will partner up with local nutritionist Julie Hefner to offer a one-day workshop at The Hood Kitchen in Costa Mesa.

We all know eating can be emotional and that stress affects blood pressure, digestion, inflammation etc. In this workshop we will talk about nutrition but then explore health and wellness in a complete and completely unique way. This is Digestive Psychology.

We hope to see you there !

Caspar Poyck
This full day workshop includes an introduction to Digestive Therapy, we will discuss Mind-Body health, diet and nutrition advice, a light lunch, a cooking class and a delicious dinner for $199 p.p.

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