Free Python Coding Class for Data Science 100% Hands-on


Feb 22, 2017 – 6:30 PM

8 whatney , suite 100
Irvine, CA Map

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This is a free workshop for anyone who would like to learn data science using Python. We will be coding as a group, with examples and exercises led by the instructor. You’ll learn the basics of data science using Python programming, and you’ll leave with the ability to learn more advanced topics and specific toolkits.  Please bring your laptop to code along! No prior programming experience necessary - we’ll teach you from scratch. We recommend installing Anaconda Python version 2.7 (available here for free: This includes Jupyter notebook, which is the tool we'll be using.  This workshop is presented by the Dev Masters: The Dev Masters, owned by Einstein Assembly, provides educational bootcamps and training for data scientists, data engineers, enterprise and other professionals. Our goal is to cover the gap between academic learning and demand in the market. Whether you are looking for educational enhancement, a salary boost, or a career change, we can help you achieve your goal in the shortest amount of time. 

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